Ferović Jasmin

Ferović, Jasmin has a master's degree in Musicology focusing on electronic music. He is a professor at iMTM Sarajevo Department of Multimedia. He graduated from the Academy of Music in Sarajevo and specialized in electronic music at the Elak Institute in Vienna. Since 2001, he has been employed at BHRT, where he is currently the director of the BHRT Music Production department. He is a music producer, DJ and vocalist with numerous original works. On BHT 1, he hosts the shows Top 15 and Dance List, and is the creator of the show “Corner”. He was the music editor of the Music Program at BH Radio 1 from 2007. He is active in the music scene, participated in CD projects like Action Heroes, Radio Ventures NYC and J&A – One Reason EP. He was the head of the jury for the DJ Talent Show (TV PINK). He is one of the founders of the electronic music scene in BiH, leading DJ workshops and co-founder of the first “Sa Techno Festival 1997”. He had a successful DJ career in the region and abroad, performing with world-famous artists. He is the author of the Cult radio show “Twilight Zone”, the oldest show about electronic music in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was also the manager of the music program in clubs such as Aquarius Vils and Hacienda and co-owner of the club Peta Soba. He is the co-founder of the Penthouse project and co-owner of the Party Agent agency for event management and multimedia promotion.