Guja Dražeta Zorana

Guja Dražeta, Zorana completed a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at the Music Academy of the University of Sarajevo, Department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology, and is currently a Ph.D. student at the mentioned academy and researches singing with the accompaniment of gusle, different practices, and styles in Bosnia and Herzegovina with special reference to the Sarajevo-Romanija region, ie Central-Eastern Bosnia. In the field of ethnomusicology, she is primarily focused on vocal forms (rural singing styles), vocal- instrumental tradition (singing with the accompaniment of gusle), and applied ethnomusicology. She has presented her work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Romania, the United States, and at scientific and professional conferences, symposiums, conferences, and journals, as well as projects and workshops, and as a member of the jury at various reviews. Zorana is the (co)author, editor, and music producer of several ethnomusicological-documentary films, CDs, and the monograph Narodna muzička tradicija Pala i okoline (2017). She is a member of the FBiH Musicological Society, ICTM, and the ICTM National Committee in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, Zorana is a junior researcher at the Musicological Institute of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences.