Hodžić Mulabegović Nerma

Hodžić-Mulabegović, Nerma graduated from the Academy of Music at the University of Sarajevo in the Department of Conducting (2001), and the Department of Music Theory and Pedagogy (2006) where she earned her master’s degree (2014) and her doctorate (2019). She is currently working at the Academy of Music at the University of Sarajevo as an Assistant Professor of Solfeggio. She has published academic articles in relevant journals and collections of papers in the field of music pedagogy and theory. As a pedagogue and theorist, she has performed in B&H and abroad at seminars in the field of solfeggio and applied music theory and pedagogy. Along with her colleagues, Dr. Amra Bosnić and Dr. Naida Hukić, she is the leader of the project Cycle of Creative Workshops Let’s Share Knowledge (2017–2020), as well as the editor of the Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium Music in Society, Music – Nation – Identity. She is a member of the Musicological Society of FB&H, the Society for the Promotion of Functional Music Pedagogy Elly Bašić, ICTM National Committee for B&H, the Editorial Board of the Journal of Music Culture Music, and the Head of the Center for Music Education of the Academy of Music at the University of Sarajevo.