Jakupović Bečei Silvana

Jakupović Bečei, Silvana (1997) graduated from the Department of Music Theory and Pedagogy at the Music Academy of the University of Sarajevo (2019), continuing postgraduate studies and becoming the demonstrator on the subject Musical Forms and Styles (2019/2020). She participates in professional lectures, workshops, of which she singles out participation (2017–) and coordination of Cycle of creative workshops Podijelimo znanje and on International student forum of Performing Arts of the Faculty of Music Belgrade within 21/22. Pedagogical forum of Performing Arts (2018/19). She became a member of the Musicological Society of FBiH (2019). She worked as a teacher of theoretical subjects 2019/2020–2021. She’s one of the founders of Creative and Cultural Industry Association SOUNDLESSNESS and the organizer/implementer of the project Memorial Matusja Blum (2022) and the Episodes of cultural emancipation (2021/2022) realized with Hungarian Association HUM Sarajevo. She’s currently working as the secretary of the Festival SVEM.