Vidović Branka

Vidović, Branka was born in Tuzla. She graduated from the Academy of Music Sarajevo, Department of Music Theory and Pedagogy. During simultaneous ethno-musicological studies, she participated at the Congress of Yugoslavia Folklorists Association, with contributions related to folk instruments from Teslić, Nevesinje and Ljubinje region. Some of her professional experience was sublimated in an article Sevdalinka songs in TV programs produced by Sarajevo TV and B&H RTV Service (Muzika XIII/1. 2009.) and the publication of two DVDs, Anthology of B&H Sevdalinka. She has been a member of expert team working on important project headed by the National Museum Sarajevo, Folk Instruments, Instrumental Practice and Music in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 1988 to 1992. She has worked at Sarajevo Music High School from 2010 to 2020. She is expert associate and leads Etnoakademik vocal ensemble at Academy of Music Sarajevo since 2003. Vidović is one of the founders of the Musicological Society of the Federation of Bosnia ana Herzegovina, and active member since its establishment in 1997.